Why Use RSS News Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is a way for websites to export their content. RSS news feeds are published in a standard format so other websites can display that content. There are numerous RSS news feed sources on the Internet.

You may have already run across RSS news feeds. Almost any news website will have RSS news feeds for your use.

You may be asking, why would you want to display someone else’s content. Two main reasons. You can use RSS news feeds to enhance your visitor’s experience and the search engines seem to really like the often changing content.

Enhance Your Visitor’s Experience

You can add a simple one source RSS news feed or create a clearing house of many news feeds. This will give your visitors additional information and resources. In addition, it may spruce up your website.

Search Engine Optimization

RSS news feeds are regularly updated so your website will appear to have new content. The search engines look at this and will spider your website more often in an attempt to keep up with your ever changing content.

This is of great valuable if your website contains frequently changing products or information.

If the search engines are spidering your website more often than your competition, your new content will be available sooner than your competitor’s .

Having even the simplest RSS news feed on your website will increase your visitor’s experience and may help your website get noticed by the search engines.

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