Niche Marketing

I specialize in Niche Marketing for the Subject Matter Expert. What this means is the small business or the one-man-band that is based on an and area of expertise.  Such as attorneys, real estate agents, insurance agents, etc….

If you are a small business owner you may benefit from niche marketing on the internet.  I’m talking about generating business leads from  organic search results, such as from Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  Organic search results are the ones that show for a search that are not paid for.  Yes it is actually possible to rank for a search term or a set of terms given the right techniques

I help small business owners and the one-man-band such as real estate agents and insurance agents create websites that generate quality business leads.

If you follow my advise, you will be able to build or extend your business by developing a website that generates quality business leads.

Here is an overview of the process.

Niche Marketing SEO Research

Before you decide on the structure of your website or the content you want to post, you must do your research.  It is extremely important that you do your research before anything else.

If you are starting from scratch you can use your research to develop a complete website marketing plan.

If you are starting with an existing website you can use what you learn to evaluate your website and fine tune it to get you where you want to go – quality business leads.

There are several places to discover what people are searching for.

  1. The Google Adword Tool
  2. Google Trends
  3. And Your Own Website Search Data

Take your time.  It takes diligence to flesh out the terms that match your niche.  This is not the place to cut corners.

Good quality keyword research is extremely important to your online marketing plan.


In my opinion, WordPress is the best content management system.  Some describe WordPress as blogging software, and it is, however we are not blogging.  You can do some blogging, however our goal is to write articles that are related to your expertise – your niche.

Linux PHP Hosting with Plesk

Hands down Linux is the best web hosting operating system.  Stay away from windows hosting. And stay way from the cheap shared hosting, such as is offered at GoDaddy, iPower, HostGator, and the like.

Hosting a PHP application such as wordpress is best done on Linux running Plesk.

I suggest hosting on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with the Plesk management tool installed.  I prefer the Ubuntu distribution of Linux.  All of what we are doing with hosting our WordPress application is native to Linux.  We want to run the Apache or the Nginx web server, PHP 7, MySql or one of it’s clones, and Plesk on Linux.

You will spend a few extra dollars on hosting, however it is worth if.  You will want the extra power a VPS offers and you will want the Plesk management tool to make your life simpler.


It is best that you write pages and articles that are related to your field of expertise.

There is two typed of pages.

  • Cornerstone – these are pages that are as close to the root or your home page as possible.  These are the pages you will want to rank well in the search engine’s search results.
  • Niche articles – are articles you write about your niche.

For the most part you will want to create 2 to about 5 cornerstone pages based on your keyword research.  You can write as many post as you would like or that may be necessary for your site to rank well enough to generate good quality blog posts.

Content Interlinking

As you add content you will want to link less important articles to your more important cornerstone pages. Use your keywords or some combination in the anchor text of these links.  This will alert the search engines as to what are the most important pages of your web site and what terms you should rank for.

I do niche marketing for myself and I can do this for you.