October 24, 2017

Configuring a Web Server to Host My Websites Out of My Home Office

I decided to experiment with hosting my two low traffic WordPress websites on a Linux server in my home office to see how that would work out. It has been 6 weeks – so far so good.

Using a Matched Pair Table for Your Configuration Table

I like the matched pair table because it makes creating and maintaining an application much simpler. Once you see how this concept can simplify your life you will be hooked.

Internet Retail Sales Tax and How it May Effect The Online Retailer

A look at what could be the outcome, from a technical perspective, of the passage of the Internet tax law the U.S. Senate is attempting to pass.

Niche Marketing for the Subject Matter Expert

I had success prior to the Penguin update. We need to succeed again. I have uncovered a secret that will help the subject matter expert create a authority website.

Are You Looking Into Becoming a Programmer?

I wrote this article because I have been asked about becoming a programmer on a number of occasions. Even if you enjoy programming, it may not be your best option.

How-to SEO after the Penguin Update

I was hit hard by Google’s updates this year. As a result I have had to learn what Google is looking for, adapt a plan and move forward. I share my simple approach to ranking on Google.

PHP Programmer’s Guide to CentOS Log Files

As a PHP Programmer, I have had to learn about logging. Since I work exclusively on Linux systems running CentOS, this guide will cover what a PHP Programmer needs to know about event logging on CentOS.

Future of Google Search Engine Optimization

On April 24, 2012, Google changed it’s algorithm. The update has been named Penguin. It has affected a lot of websites and promises to effect even more. It is a new day in the Search Engine Optimization world. We need to develop a new approach. In the mean time there are a couple things we can do until we fully understand this change in how Google ranks our website.

How to Keep the Cost Down

A few ideas on how to get more bang for the buck. Get more for less.

Building a PHP Website From a Template

Depending on your desired outcome a website template can reduce what it will cost to build your website and may shorten the project time frame.