How to Keep the Cost Down

Everyone wants to know how to keep the cost down when creating or updating their website.

When creating a website or updating an older one, using templates and framework software are two ways to keep the cost down.

That’s not saying you might not spend a lot of money. What I am talking about is maximizing your expenditures.

For more information on using templates read my article on Building a Website From a Template.

Using a Framework

A framework is a program that is written for the use of many. It is usually generic and only contains the common parts of what you need. The framework is usually sold as a license. This is how the cost is reduced. The framework license is sold to many people not just one.

For example, a website management system will require the user to login. It will ensure the person visiting each page of the management area is authorized or it will take them to a login screen. It will manage administrators, users, and passwords. It has to do a lot and it must be secure in doing so. It can take weeks to create.

If you choose to have your management area built from scratch then you may pay upwards of $3000 or more. There will be more coding errors and it will take more time to complete the project. It will also take longer to get to market.

On the other hand if you license a copy of a framework, all the common features have already been built. There will be less coding errors and less cost. For example, I sell some of my software modules for as low as $995 each, which is a fraction of what it would cost if I created the same code from scratch.

By using framework software and buying a software license you maximize the money you spend on your website.

Keith Smith

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